Leather Anniversary gift ideas for her

Buying a gift for your significant other is always nerve racking, especially with all the overwhelming variety of different types of products available for women, but the pressure of buying the perfect gift increases tenfold when it comes to getting one for special and momentous occasions, like an anniversary.

It doesn’t have to be difficult anymore though, the internet is chock full of products and articles to help out and guarantee that you find the perfect gift for your special woman and we are here at your service.

Leather gifts make wonderful anniversary presents, they’re durable, timeless and hold special significance. No woman can refuse an item that’s crafted from a material that is as supple and smooth as leather.

To help you narrow down your options, we’ve compiled a list of 5 best leather anniversary gifts for women that you can buy online at our store.

1. Mini Tote Handbag

What is the product like?

With tote bags rapidly gaining popularity it was inevitable that someone came up with a smaller and stylish version of the classic tote. Handbags of this style are incredibly practical and they’re easy to carry around on a daily basis.

The mini tote handbag recommended is available in two gorgeous colors; a bright daring pink and a classic elegant black. The bag has all the practical features one needs in an everyday bag. It has a long stylish detachable strap that gives one the option of either wearing it as a crossbody bag or sling it over the shoulder straight. It also features handles to let the wearer carry it in hand or from the elbow.

The bag is crafted from premium full grain aniline-dyed leather with 100% cotton lining and has a spacious main compartment and an external zipped pocket that will fit the user’s essentials in well organised fashion. Staying true to the typical traditional tote bag style, this bag’s main compartment does not close with a zipper, but to offer some security while still ensuring easy access, this one closes with the help of a drawstring.

The bag has received rave reviews for its durability and high quality leather. One customer who gave it to a friend as a gift even claims that her friend really likes the bag but is saddened that the pictures on the website don’t do it justice and that in person it’s even more beautiful.

As with every woman, handbags are an integral part of their style and the woman in your life will love this mini tote handbag both for its beauty and its functionality.


Easy grab handles: Has broad medium length leather handles

Strap: Comes with a stylish rope knot-like designed long removable/detachable shoulder strap

Versatile: Can be converted into a shoulder bag or handbag

Warranty: 3 years


Weight: 483g

Dimensions: 210 x 215 x 95mm

Capacity/Storage: Has one main large compartment and one small external zip pocket

Material used: Full grain aniline-dyed leather with 100% cotton lining

What Do We Like – Below the zip pocket, along with the manufacturer’s logo is a simple yet thoughtful quote ‘a beautiful day starts with a beautiful mindset’ to remind the woman in your life daily or whenever she uses the bag to take care of herself and stay positive.

What We Don’t Like – The bag is only available in two colors, having more colour variety like grey, tan or yellow would have been nice

Pros and Cons Section –

Pros: Minimalistic yet stylish, high quality, easy to carry, 3-year warranty, easy access, convertible design, multiple compartments

Cons: Only available in two colors

Price: Original price:$449.00 Sale price:$229.00

2. Travel Holder

What is the product like?

If your woman constantly travels for work or pleasure, then she will love this. When traveling, you need to carry a lot of important documents, ID cards, passports and other essential items that you might need during your trip. Airports are generally chaotic and mess up your mind and senses. So, there’s nothing worse than the stress of trying to remember where you put your passport or boarding pass in your luggage. The travel holder will come in handy to help solve that problem. The best thing about this travel holder is that it organizes one’s essential documents and items needed and makes sure they’re all together, in a safe and easily accessible manner.

This woman’s travel holder is a must-have for frequent travelers. It is a stylish and practical woman’s leather accessory that is made of tried and tested aniline dyed leather. Due to the smoothness and high quality material of the woman’s travel holder, this accessory will look classy, durable and have no problem holding the user’s travel essentials for a trip or a business conference.

It has a main compartment with a zip closure for safely storing valuables. Inside there are leather dividers with multiple card slots, a pocket to slip in a passport and a spacious area to keep your bills and boarding pass in.

What sets this travel holder wallet apart from most of the others in the market is that this one offers RFID protection. This feature blocks RFID signals and prevents the transfer of all data from credit cards, driver’s licenses or passports, hence protecting one’s cards from being illegally scanned and their information from falling into the wrong hands.

You can choose this bag from 5 different colors that either you yourself like or is your loved one’s favorite color. The travel holder is available in grey, navy, black, green and caramel.


Compartments: Has multiple compartments

Strap: None

Versatile: Can also be used as a spacious everyday wallet

Warranty: 3 years


Weight: 154.5g

Dimensions: 180 x 110 x 20 mm

Capacity/Storage:  Can hold up to 2 passports, 5-8 cards, bills and boarding passes

Material used: Full grain aniline-dyed leather

What Do We Like – It’s spacious yet has so many compartments for organisation, so that things are easy to find instead of being a jumbled mess with everything cluttered together.

What We Don’t Like – Doesn’t have a strap to wear around the wrist while carrying the wallet by hand, which is a nice bonus feature to have as it can sometimes offer extra security.

Pros and Cons Section –

Pros: multiple compartments, RFID protection, available in 5 different colors, high quality leather, 3 year warranty and easy access

Cons: No strap

Price: $89.00

3.All Around Ladies Bag

What is the product like?

Women have different styles of fashionable clothes and accessories for different occasions and settings, which also includes the type of bags they carry. While they use handbags or shoulder bags for work or casual outings, they generally carry small fancy purses or elegant clutches for occasions like weddings, parties, dinner and lunch.

The ‘all around ladies bag’ is an accessory that can be used for all of those occasions and by itself. It’s a woman’s leather bag that can be converted to a clutch, shoulder bag or cross-body bag, depending on the situation. It has a design that lets you remove its straps and has buttons hidden under the flap that are used to either make it more compact or expand out.

This bag is beautifully designed with one main, and two small pockets. It’s large enough to carry all your personal items like wallet, phone, makeup kit and other small accessories. The ‘all around ladies bag’ can be purchased in 3 different versatile colors grey, sky blue and black; which generally go with most different colored outfits.

Gifting this practical yet stylish bag will show that you’re thoughtful and smart. It’s an accessory that will prove to be quite useful to your significant other and will make her look more put together as she’ll be prepared for any occasion.


Compartments: Has 3 compartments; one main, one internal zipped pocket, one internal slip-in pocket

Removable shoulder strap: Has a long and wide comfortable leather detachable strap

Versatile: Can be converted from a clutch to shoulder bag and vice versa

Warranty: 3 years


Weight: 468g

Dimensions: 215 x 240 x 65 mm

Capacity/Storage: Has one large compartment for bigger items and two inner pockets for keeping smaller items

Material used: Full grain aniline-dyed leather with 100% cotton lining

What Do We Like – With most bags even when you remove the strap you can always see the metal hook on the sides where you’d attach the strap which doesn’t look particularly nice, but this bag’s metal loops/hooks are designed behind the bag mostly hidden from plain sight, so you don’t see them dangling on the sides when they aren’t being put to use. Furthermore, even when the bag is being used as a clutch the metal hoops behind are situated behind in a manner that they actually complement the overall design and make the bag look more stylish.

What We Don’t Like – The bag closes with a metal button instead of a zip, which can sometimes be undone easily and accidentally by someone who isn’t careful.

Pros and Cons Section –

Pros: Classy design, perfect for any occasion, can be used in multiple ways, 3 year warranty, made using high quality durable material and available in 3 different colors

Cons: metal button closure instead of zip

Price: $449.00 Sale price $169.99

4.Card Case

What is the product like?

With smaller bags being the new fashion trend and cashless payments rapidly gaining popularity, there is not much space or reason left for a woman’s wallet to be bulky, large and heavy. This modern classy, small women’s card case is the perfect alternative to the traditional woman’s wallet.

The card case is crafted from top quality leather with 5 different color options caramel, grey, navy, black and green to choose from. The material aniline leather of which this wallet is made of is known to be the best and most natural looking leather of all other leathers available.

The card case is slim yet is designed with multiple card slots to be able to hold more than 8 cards. On top of that, for easy access, it comes with a pull tab making it easy to look for and find the right card without any hassle.

This card case can easily fit in any woman’s purse or even in tight pants pockets, making it the perfect wallet replacement to store cards and a few bills of cash. The card case looks stylish and will work with any women’s business attire or casual outfits.


Compartments: Has multiple compartments

RFID Protection: No

Versatile: Unisex design

Warranty: 3 years


Weight: Unknown

Dimensions: 105mm x 70mm

Capacity: Can hold up to 3 – 8+ cards

Material used: full grain aniline-dyed leather.

What Do We Like – Love the slim and classy minimalistic design of the wallet, it looks modern, elegant and not at all not too fancy or flashy.

What We Don’t Like – The only downside is that it doesn’t have RFID protection.

Pros and Cons Section –

Pros: Slim design, available in 5 colors, multiple card slots, 3 year warranty, easy acess, made using high quality durable material

Cons: No RFID protection

Price: $39.00

5.Laptop Sleeve

What is the product like?

Not all bags have extra padding or come with built-in laptop sleeves which can be a problem especially if you often need to carry your laptop somewhere. This woman’s laptop sleeve is a simple and classic accessory that can be paired with any woman’s bag, whether it is a tote bag, backpack or briefcase. It can be purchased in three different versatile colors including black, navy and dark grey.

The laptop sleeve can fit laptops ranging from 13 to 15 inches. It is made of canvas, a material well known for its durable, lightweight and water-resistant qualities, which will keep one’s laptop safe from scratches and any water spills. It closes with the help of a magnetic clasp that ensures that the precious laptop is securely stored inside the sleeve, preventing it from slipping out and also avoiding any scratches on the surface of the laptop while it is being put in or taken out.

The slim and sleek design allows you to carry your laptop in style without having to deal with bulky and heavy traditional laptop bags. The laptop sleeve would look great in professional settings in formal attire or easy laid-back environments in casual outfits.


Compartment: One

Removable shoulder strap: None

Versatile: Unisex design

Warranty: 3 years


Weight: Unknown

Dimensions: 390m x 280mm

Capacity: Can fit up to a 15 inch laptop

Material used: Made from canvas fabric with cotton lining

What Do We Like – The canvas material; not only is it amazing by being lightweight, durable and water-resistant but also gives off a more modern high quality fabric image. The minimal use of leather in the design also makes the laptop sleeve look classy and chic.

What We Don’t Like – This may not be the best gift idea for someone looking for something that features more leather or a more feminine design.

Pros and Cons Section –

Pros: Unisex design, sleek & minimalistic look, durable, lightweight, water resistant, 3 years warranty, features a magnetic bumper to close instead of a zipper to avoid the laptop from getting any starches.

Cons: Minimal use of leather in design

Price: $39.00


The most important thing when looking for a gift, whether it’s a leather accessory or any item in any other material, is to take into consideration the person they are buying it for’s lifestyle and preferences. Does that person prefer more bright colors over neutral ones, fancy designs over minimalistic ones, versatile all in one items like the ‘all around ladies bag’ or specialty items like the ‘laptop sleeve’. This list of anniversary gift ideas for her above should help you find the perfect one for your loved one.

All products recommended are available at vintage leather gear’s store that protects its customers providing free returns, 45 days money back guarantee and secure checkouts. And has an amazing offer of getting free shipping if your order is over $70.

Anniversary gifts are all about making a statement with your choice, expressing what you feel for them and showing your appreciation. Gifts can be of emotional sentiment, as well as practical ones. It could be expensive but it could also be less costly; it can come in the form of a physical item or an experience. Gift-giving is all about playing to your loved one’s interests, lifestyle and preferences. Put thought and effort into what you choose and it will be treasured for years to come.

Leather is a very popular material used for creating all kinds of items these days, it can be found in shoes, bags and wallets. If you are looking for something durable, elegant and should have a luxurious feel to it, leather is the way to go. Leather anniversary gifts that can be used on daily basis and make excellent choices for presents as they will not only prove to be useful to your significant other but also give them a chance to show off your gift. Leather holds its value very well over time, which makes it even more popular.

So, be smart about what you choose and it will be a gift that will be cherished and remembered for years to come. Hope this article helped you in choosing the great leather anniversary gift for her; good luck!

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