Leather Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Having trouble deciding on what gift to give your significant other that’ll not only lift their spirits, but also express just how much they mean to you? Why not give them something made of leather that’ll not only showcase that you have good taste but also enable them to show off their gift proudly for years and years to come.

There are many gift ideas to choose from but most men can never say no to the look and feel of leather, especially when it’s used to make premium quality goods. Leather gift ideas are perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas or even just because.

Here are 5 leather gift ideas that he’ll definitely love:

1. Transit Backpack

What is the product like?

A backpack is always the perfect option for men that are always on the go. It’s spacious and functional. A backpack made using durable and high quality material is like a cherry on top. It’ll be able to last a lifetime, withstanding any wear and tear. This transit backpack will always keep his valuables safe whether he’s traveling around the globe, commuting to work or just strolling around.

The Transit Backpack features two large compartments, and multiple pockets of various sizes to offer amazing organisation. A great gift for someone who loves to keep his things organised and needs to carry quite a lot such as perhaps their laptop, charger, ipad, bluetooth devices, gym clothes or other essentials around on a daily basis.

While being a functional and durable gift, it also looks stylish and smart, so he’ll be able to show off his gift with pride. This bag is made using Aniline Leather which has this beautiful luxurious and supple look and feel that gives off such an elegant image. The bag is designed in a way that while looking sophisticated it also has a modern trendsetting style brought by the dark blue fabric used to compliment the overall design by giving it the perfect balance of luxury and ruggedness.


Internal Pockets: Has multiple internal pockets, one zipper and a few slip in; 

External pockets: Has multiple external pockets, two zippered and two slip-in pockets

Laptop Compartment: Built-in Laptop compartment that can accommodate a 15-inch laptop

Versatile Design: Comes with a dual fabric combo

Easy grab handle: Features a leather handle on top of the bag

Warranty: 3 years


Weight: 1200g

Dimensions: 290 x 400 x 175 mm

Capacity: Up to 21L of storage space

Material used: Aniline Leather and Cordura fabric with 100% cotton lining

What Do We Like – The design is the best thing about it, a lot of thought seems to have been put into its design. Giving this as a gift will be a really smart and safe idea. It has multiple compartments and has a padded laptop compartment. Moreover, usually good quality full leather bags are often quite heavy but designing a dual combo of fabric and leather has enabled this to be lightweight while still letting one enjoy having a leather bag.

What We Don’t Like – As the leather used on it is of such high quality, the bag’s price tag is more on the expensive side. Another thing that would’ve been nice is if there was a variety of different color combinations to choose from.

Pros and Cons Section

Pros: durable, luxurious material and quality, spacious, has multiple compartments, 3-year warranty

Cons: expensive, available in only one color combination

Price: $189

2. Holiday Duffle

What is the product like?

If you guys love traveling around the globe, spending your weekends away on a road trip or even if your man has to travel frequently due to work, then this gift is perfect for him. Gifting him a duffle bag will not only be a handy tool that’ll be a convenient and spacious bag for him to utilize whenever he’s away from home, but will also enable you to prove your good taste in gift-giving.

Duffle bags are super functional and flexible, they can fit in a lot of things. What makes the holiday duffle a really good gift is that unlike typical duffle bags that have only one large compartment and that’ll all, this duffel bag also features three additional pockets for better organization. Apart from the large roomy compartment, it has one zipped pocket inside and two open pockets outside that are blended flawlessly into the design of the bag.

Speaking of design, like the bag mentioned above, the holiday duffle also comes in a dual combination of materials; leather and cotton-canvas. Both materials are well known for their durability and water-resistant abilities. As we know, leather is stylish, classy and adds a touch of luxury to everything around it. Canvas is great as it’s lightweight compared to leather yet is strong and water-resistant, which are great qualities that will be perfect for a man that lives an active lifestyle.

This as a gift will become the perfect companion of your significant other. It comes in the classic black color that always looks amazing and goes with pretty much everything; making it suitable to everyone’s taste.


Pockets: Has one internal zipped pocket and two external slip/slide-in pockets

Laptop Compartment: Can fit inside but no laptop sleeve or padded compartment

Versatile Design: Has a long broad detachable & adjustable strap

Easy grab handle: Has long comfortable leather handles

Warranty: 3 years


Weight: 1542.5g

Dimensions: 440 x 370 x 260 mm

Capacity: Up to 34L storage space

Material used: Full grain aniline-dyed leather and cotton-canvas with 100% cotton lining

What Do We Like – The overall image of the design; it’s very classic looking. It’ll be a great travel bag. While a full leather bag certainly has its own place, the combination of leather and canvas especially both in the same color black are the perfect combination to have an expensive looking bag that looks very sleek, yet still trendy and lightweight.

What We Don’t Like – A built-in laptop sleeve would have been nice

Pros and Cons Section –

Pros: versatile color choice, lightweight, stylish blend of materials, adjustable & removable straps, internal and external pockets, 3-year warranty

Cons: no built-in laptop sleeve

Price: Original Price: $499 on sale price: $275.00

3.The Minimal Backpack

What is the product like?

If your significant other doesn’t always like to go for the basic standard design items and yet still prefers to have something unique but not over the top, then this gift will be perfect for him. This backpack is called a rucksack, it’s an unassuming backpack that’s design is a blend between modern and vintage style.

What makes the rucksack a gift worth taking a look at is the minimalist and understated design for it will not only look great, but will also make it a very versatile gift.

The minimal Backpack comes in a variety of 4 different color combinations. Like both of the bags mentioned above, this one also features the duo combo of different materials, but there are a lot of factors that make this bag unique and different from them. Firstly, this backpack has a flap that is secured by two leather straps coming around from behind and over it to slip into the leather loops, closing buckle style. Another thing is that the minimal backpack’s main compartment does not close with the typical zip, instead closes using the old school drawstring method with a modern touch.

This feature is great for someone who’s always in a hurry and not a huge fan of zippers, which tend to get randomly stuck sometimes. The drawstring can make it extremely easy to open and close the bag, unlike some zips that often get stuck in either some item sticking out or a string of fabric.


Pockets: Multiple internal zippered and slip-in pockets 

Laptop Compartment: Comes with a compartment that can fit up to a 15-inch laptop

Versatile Design: Comes in various color combinations

Comfortable shoulder straps: Has thick padded and adjustable shoulder straps

Easy grab handle: Features a small handle on top to carry the bag by hand or hang by a hook

Warranty: 3 years


Weight: 960g

Dimensions: 250 x 420 x 170 mm

Capacity: Up to 21L of storage space

Material used: Made from Canvas/Cotton and aniline leather finishing with 100% cotton lining

What Do We Like – The colors; among the variety of four different color combinations of the same bag, the drawstring’s color is not consistent. Two have black drawstrings while the other two have black drawstrings. In two bags the white really lifts and compliments the other two colors quite well and in the other two the black helps in making it look classy and more balanced.

What We Don’t Like – While the leather straps on the front look pretty clean, a metal buckle like the one on the back straps would have looked nice on the front too. It would have added to the rugged look.

Pros and Cons Section –

Pros: impressive mix of materials, unique design, various color combinations options, multiple compartments, adjustable straps, easy access

Cons: lack of metal buckles on all leather straps

Price: $125

4.Compact Billfold

What is the product like?

A slim bifold wallet is a timeless gift idea that’ll make even the fussiest man happy! This gift is perfect for a man who has a love & appreciation for simple and understated elegance. The wallet has a minimalist design with multiple compartments to fit the basic necessities a modern tech-savvy man carries, such as a few cards and bills of cash. Let’s be honest, the time of carrying around lots of business cards is long gone, we might get them printed on-demand or receive one or two, but that’s it. Nowadays, one only carries their license and one or two credit or debit cards, maybe even a commute or medical card but nothing like before. In the era of cashless payments and ATMs all around one doesn’t even have to carry large wads of cash. Though still there are occasions where carrying a few bills comes in handy and this wallet is designed while keeping all these things in mind.

Moreover, what makes this wallet worth taking a look at is that it also protects you from identity theft by offering RFID protection. Modern thieves have found a way to steal your information by creating scanners that can read the cards on the inside of your wallet without needing to open it or stealing the actual thing, allowing them an easy way to rob you of your hard-earned money. RFID protection prevents that from happening to you.

This wallet is made from a strong and durable leather material that is of top quality, making it look and feel absolutely amazing. Its sleek and slim design makes it fit easily and comfortably in the front or back pocket that you’ll barely even notice you’re carrying it.


Compartments: Has one long open cash section and multiple card slots

Designated coin pocket: No zipper coin pocket

Versatile design: Available in four different color combinations

Identity theft protection: Offers RFID security

Warranty: 3 years


Weight: 46g

Dimensions: 102 x 85 mm

Capacity: Can hold 5 – 10+ cards

Material used: premium full grain aniline-dyed leather

What Do We Like – The pull-up tab feature and RFID Protection. Both are extremely useful. The pull-up tab allows easy and efficient access to your cards, without having to clumsy dig through the card slot to pull a certain card out. The RFID feature protects you from potential criminal activity by blocking transmissions of your personal information from the scanners used by thieves. Having RFID protection is just an extra security feature that’s always a good idea.

What Don’t Like – While it comes in a range of four different colored designs such as a combination of grey with yellow, green with grey, blue with brown and a fine black one too, having the option of getting one in full brown would have been nice as leather items in brown look so classic and give off it a vintage feel that any man would love.

Pros and Cons Section –

Pros: compact, easy access to cards, sleek design, multiple color combinations, durable, top quality leather, RFID protection, 3-year warranty

Cons: not available in the traditional full brown color and no zip pocket

Price: $49.00

5.Sling Bag

What is the product like?

If your man loves traveling or even cycling, consider gifting him something that will make his adventures easier and more organized. This gift is perfect for a man who always likes to look stylish and doesn’t wish to walk around with something that looks bulky or heavy. The sling bag is a gift that looks and works really well in this manner.

It’s called a Sling Bag because it has a single adjustable strap design and can easily be carried by being slung over the shoulder across the chest. It’s worn diagonally like a messenger bag providing complete free movement of arms and hands, but is smaller in size and gives much easier access to its contents inside as it doesn’t have a flap and instead keeps one’s belongings safe with a zipper. The adjustable strap allows the pouch to rest higher and more securely against the body, making it the ideal choice of bag to wear when riding or even roaming around in a busy area. So, it’s a bit like a smaller version of a casual messenger bag but much more lighter, comfortable and accessible.

What makes this bag even more awesome is that, unlike most other sling bags that have only one compartment, this bag features two sections one above and one below. This allows the user to store items in a more organized way. Furthermore, the zippers on this bag are a bit hidden by the fabric slightly resting above it, this provides an overall clean look to the design, but most importantly extra security as the zippers are concealed and harder to be opened by pickpockets seeking to steal your valuables.

This gift is great for normal everyday use if your man has to regularly travel by train or bus as it’s lightweight, compact yet spacious that’ll enable him to carry all the essentials he’ll need in his day-to-day routine. It’s also great even if you guys are on a holiday and he’d like to take something minimalistic while exploring the city.


Compartments: Has two main zippered compartments

Comfort Features: Padded paneling on the back, soft Nylon webbing straps, buckle clasps for easy wear and removal

Versatile Design: Comes in three different colors and can be worn straight or diagonally over the shoulder

Easy grab handle: Has adjustable straps with a buckle for easy wear

Warranty: 3 years


Weight: 272g

Dimensions: 160 x 310 x 130 mm

Capacity: Up to 7 Liters storage space

Material used: High quality Cordura fabric, full grain aniline-dyed leather and nylon

What Do We Like – Having a bag that’s waterproof and has a lot of room is always great as it allows one to carry more and also provides some sort of protection against any weather and malfunctioning items. This bag delivers on both of these aspects and definitely makes for a gift we would recommend to anyone seeking something durable and reliable.

What We Don’t Like – While the minimal leather on the zipper and logo looks smart and helps with it looking high quality yet still remain a lightweight bag, it does not feature a lot of leather making it not the best choice if you’re looking for something that is fully or has a lot of leather in it’s design.

Pros and Cons Section –

Pros: spacious, accessible, adjustable straps, waterproof lining, functional, lightweight, available in three different colors, comfortable, 3-year warranty

Cons: minimal leather detailing

Price:- Original price: $149.00 on Sale price: $65.00


Anniversaries are such meaningful and symbolic days in a couple’s life, and gifts given on these special occasions should portray your sentiments for your loved one; representing your own love of them, appreciation for the love they give back, their friendship and the utmost respect you have for them. An anniversary gift should stay in the memories of both individuals involved for a long time and for a good reason. So give him something that you know he will truly admire and cherish.

All gift ideas mentioned in this article will make great anniversary gifts to celebrate the past year of your relationship together.

The gift ideas mentioned above can all be great gift options for him that he’ll love to carry around wherever he goes and enhance his lifestyle. They’re all timeless, spacious, fashionable, have multiple compartments and are easy and comfortable to carry. Designed to be as useful as possible by being able to carry all the essentials one might need.

The transit backpack, minimal backpack, holiday duffle and sling bag are great travel companions but also suitable to everyday lifestyle. They all are great investment pieces that he’ll be able to use for a long time. The compact wallet is an ideal choice to give as a gift if you think your man needs to change this current one because lord knows they won’t change it on their own.

We hope this article has been useful for you and will help you make an informed gift choice, as gift-giving is a privilege that shouldn’t be taken lightly and is the perfect chance to show your partner how important they are to you and how much you value their companionship.

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