The Studio

Kara Ginther Leather Studio  |  Columbus, Wisconsin 53925  |  By appointment only.


The Kara Ginther Leather Studio was founded by Kara Ginther in 2007 in Madison, Wisconsin.   Her passion for leatherwork began as a student in textiles at the University of Wisconsin Madison and has developed  into an enthusiastic and passionate study of leather’s endless potential.   Kara moved to Columbus, Wisconsin in 2009 and currently relishes the relaxed lifestyle and increased focus that the small midwest town provides.

Much of Kara’s inspiration comes from her background in textiles and pattern, as well as a growing love of all things natural. The majority of the studio’s work thus far has incorporated intricate surface embellishment achieved with fine hand carving as well as sculptural studies of flora and fauna.   Yet underlying every inspired project is an intense infatuation with creativity itself, a delight in mastering the creative process and a determination to continuously push the limits of creative potential.